Screen saver and lock screen measures! A tool that can move the mouse automatically


When working with a personal computer of the company or another company, the screen saver starts when the operation is left unattended for a while, which is very troublesome.

If it is the job of an engineer such as SIer, it is possible that you will be using a PC under the control of the resident location and you will not be able to change the settings yourself.

Moreover, the more complex the password, the longer it takes to unlock and return to your work screen, which tends to reduce your work efficiency.

・ It is good if you can take security measures for your own screen.

・ If you should lock the screen, you can take measures by pressing [Windows key + L] by yourself.



Conventional screen saver measures

As a countermeasure so far

-Keep Windows Media Player running

・ Put small items and tools such as clips in the gaps of the keyboard.

・ Place the second hand of the wristwatch on the laser of the mouse.


There were countermeasures such as, but it is not recommended because the countermeasures themselves take time and cost and are troublesome.

In the worst case, if you use the keyboard, mouse or wristwatch as described above, there is a risk of breaking it, so if you do it, you need the permission of your boss or company. Will be.

You can also turn on presentations from the Windows Mobility Center to extend the time it takes to start the screen saver, but you can’t stop the screen saver itself.


Screen saver measures! A tool that can move the mouse automatically

There is a tool called USB Mouse Jiggler as a screen saver / automatic screen lock countermeasure.

As the name suggests, it is a tool that allows the mouse pointer to quiver and prevent the screen saver from activating just by inserting the USB into your computer.

Even though the mouse pointer moves automatically, it does not move much, it moves on the spot and the screen reacts to it, so it is hard to notice, and because the product is small, I also notice that USB is inserted. It’s difficult.


In addition to working as an engineer at a company, it is convenient because you can operate it comfortably without feeling controlled when working from home.

Since it is USB, you can keep your screen as it is even on a computer whose administrator is someone else.

On the contrary, if you want to restore it and start the screen saver to lock the screen automatically, press [Windows key + L] on the keyboard by yourself or remove it.

It’s a fairly small tool for the price, so be careful when storing it so that you don’t lose it.



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